Victoria Jess is a trademark devoted to fashion and creativity. A proposal connecting to design for pleasure, transform and adjust innovative, fresh and funny options, mixing modern and classic styles. Our designs take into account the smallest details, home-made appearance, and personal touch, reflected in each garment. Our art consists of matching colors, taking care of each detail, love for design. Our broad collections include dresses, shirts, T-shits, pants, jeans, tailoring, home-made knitting, sweaters, skirts and accessories complementing your style. Victoria Jess consists of a small group of people who loves doing things inspiring imagination. In recent years, we have set trend with our fashionable garments for women and thousands of stores were opened in Argentina and, most importantly, we have met customers who enjoy this experience as much as we do.

Ethics and Sustainable Consumption

We are a medium-size business with exclusive stores specialized in exclusive garments, considered a sustainable option before selecting the offer of leading textile companies. National consumption avoids the impact generated by transport from other countries' production centers. Choose a family-type business, driving local economies. All our labor is located in Argentina. Pattern making, tailoring, as well as, overlapping fabrics, are manually made, increasing people work instead of machinery work, obtaining an exclusive product, taking care of all the details. We work on small productions, entirely ensuring respect to labor, economic and social rights to our workers and compliance with environmental laws. Our garments are made of 90% natural (non-synthetic) fabrics, such as, silk, wool, viscose, cotton, estense and leather. If you can afford it, don't miss the chance to find atypical, special garments at Victoria Jess stores in your area. To learn more on sustainable consumption, visit our

Retailer shop: Loyola 640 - Palermo - C.A.B.A.
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