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Victoria Jess exclusive shops system provides you a comprehensive service covering all the aspects of product marketing and shop management.

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Victoria Jess franchisees receive free advice when searching for and decorating their shops, in the development of a store project, sales techniques, visual merchandising and staff training. You only have to commit all your efforts to maximize your sales. Victoria Jess will do the rest.


With a Victoria Jess exclusive shop you will access:

• Entire collections, including over 300 items per season.

• Tiered pricing and rebates.

• Exclusive merchandise for franchisees only.

• Potential rotation of merchandise.

• State-of-the art innovation and design.

• Collection rotation highlighting the latest news.

• Free advertising material: giant posters, display advertisements, cards, postcards and other printed materials. We also provide bags, fragrances, pins and other promotional materials.


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